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Registered students of NUI Galway are entitled to use the Library.  All registered students are issued with a Student ID card which also acts as a Library card.  Access to the Library is via access control gates; therefore you must have your current Student card with you in order to gain entrance. 

Can I get into the Library if I forget my student card?

If you have forgotten your student card you may obtain a one day temporary access card per semester, the cards costs €2.00 and are available at the entrance desk in the foyer of the Hardiman Building.

What do I do if I lose my card?

It is essential that you report a lost or stolen student card immediately to the Student Registry Helpdesk. Once you have reported your card missing, it can be deactivated, preventing others from using it.  A replacement card can then be issued to you at a cost of €20.  (Note: students will receive a replacement student card free of charge in cases of a reported crime e.g. assault, burglary).

To avail of the free replacement card, students must produce a copy of the Garda crime report.  The report must contain the investigating Garda name, Garda Pulse Incident Number and be signed by the Superintendent in charge.

Failure to notify the University places you at risk of serious allegations of collusion in the fraudulent use of your NUI Galway student card. 

Please return found cards to the Student Registry Helpdesk.

What happens if I take a Leave of Absence?

A student on a Leave of Absence is not entitled to use of the Library's facilities and services.  Please refer to the University's Student Leave of Absence Policy.