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In preparation for Semester 1 22/23, we request that all module owners inform the Library of the reading list requirements for their modules as soon as possible to allow sufficient time for the ordering of resources.  

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Why Use the Reading List Service

The Library's reading list support service integrates:

  • Reading Lists
  • Blackboard (with integrated off campus access to resources)
  • Library database and fulltext resources
  • Library acquisition of e-books / print books & chapter scanning 

Search our reading list service  for reading list examples e.g. TLC 1OO Academic Skills. Training guides and video tutorials are provided below.

Steps in Using the Reading List Service

(Online tutorials for each step are available below)

  1. Log into reading lists and create a user profile ( please select 'public' option).
  2. Create your reading list and add required sections - see p2 of our Reading List Guide or view our Creating and Structuring your Reading List Tutorial
  3. To start adding resources, install the Talis Bookmark Extension to your browser 
  4. Add books, e-books, chapters, journal articles, websites etc. to your draft reading list using the Talis Bookmark Extension. For assistance view our new Bookmarking from the Library Catalogue tutorial. 
  5. Publish the reading list and add the link from the Blackboard module. See our one min tutorial.
  6. The Library will review the list, purchasing new books/e-books, digitising requested chapters & articles not available online. 

Install the Talis Bookmark Extension

  1. Locate the Talis Aspire Reading Lists Bookmarking extension in the Chrome web store
  2. Click Add to Chrome. A popup will appear confirming you'd like to add the extension to your browser
  3. Click Add extension. You should now see the Talis logo appear along side your other extensions (such as Endnote). 
  4. The first time you attempt to use this extension it will prompt you to select your institution - click the dropdown and select NUI Galway from the list, then click Save
  5. Finally you can click on the Pin icon to make Talis extension icon visible on your Browser bar

Bookmarking from the Library Catalogue (updated process)

See our new  Bookmarking from the Library Catalogue tutorial. Instructions also provided below.

  • Go to
  • Search for your book on the Library Catalogue. 
  • Once the book is located, click on the title to display the full book details.  
  • Click on the Talis Bookmark Extension you have installed.

  • You will be automatically brought to the Bookmarking page in the Reading List System. 
  • Do a quick check of the bibliographic information to ensure accuracy (edit fields if necessary) 
  • If it an e-book make sure that the Online Resource box is ticked
  • Click on Create and Add to List
  • Select your reading list from the drop-down menu that appears
  • Choose what section to add the book to and add notes for students at this point.
  • Select if the book is for Student Purchase/Core OR Recommended. 
  • Click on OK to finish

 Bookmarking a Journal Article (updated process)

 We request that where possible, you bookmark from the Library Catalogue for journal articles, instead of bookmarking from the database or journal publisher's website. This ensures that students will be prompted to log in only once, and also importantly ensures that your article has a permalink that will not be lost in case of publisher or IT security issues. There will be some exceptions where you may need to bookmark directly from the  publisher's platform. 

  • Locate your article through the Library catalogue (or if necessary the database/publisher website)
  • Once the article is located click on the journal title and open the article record on the Library Catalogue
  • Click on the Talis Extension Button.
  • Carry out a quick check of the bibliographic fields displayed - you can amend the article details.
  • Make sure the Online Resource box is ticked.
  • Click on Create and Add to List.  Choose your Reading List and add to the appropriate section with required notes etc. 
  • Click on OK to finish and continue adding resources

 Reading List Support Materials

Our Introductory Reading List Guide covers all the basics for getting started.

Our ‌full Reading List Guide  provides a detailed overview of all elements of creating and managing your online reading list.

Our Reading List FAQs addresses a number of common questions e.g. Can I link a reading list to more than one module? Can a reading list be shared? etc.

For information on the Library's Digitisation Service scanning limits please refer to our course guidelines for Course Material Digitisation.

Online Tutorials

We have created a number of online tutorials that cover the main elements of setting up and publlishing your reading list.  

 Creating and Structuring a Reading List

This tutorial demonstrates how to login, create and structure your reading list using the New List Edit feature.

Bookmarking from the Library Catalogue (Talis Bookmark Extension)


Adding Resources and Publishing your Reading List

Elements of this tutorial have been superseded but the broad processes are still relevant:

  • Installing the bookmark tool (superseded by Talis Bookmark Extension)
  • Adding a print book, e-book, journal article, YouTube video to your reading list
  • Editing and publishing your reading list

 Linking from Blackboard to your Reading List

This tutorial demonstrates the final stage of creating a link from the Blackboard module to the reading list so that students can access the resource.

Adding a Book to your Reading List not on the Library Catalogue

Requesting a Book Chapter for Digitisation

Linking from Blackboard to a Reading List Section

Installing the Add to My Bookmarks Button on Chrome (No longer supported - please see Install Talis Bookmark Extension above)


Reading List Service, Library

Tel: +353 91492593