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Organisations have called for content on Coronavirus COVID-19 to be shared openly. A number of publishers have made content available for access, please consult our list of COVID-19 Resources


Open Publishing seeks to grant free and open online access to academic information. 

Initially, the Open Access movement focused mainly on journal articles and the business model of journals themselves, giving rise to Open Access journals. However, the broader concept of Open Publishing includes other valuable research outputs such as monographs, data or code. 

Pillar at NUI Galway 

Unrestricted and Open Access to a study’s findings and the journal articles, books or other publications arising from the study is at the heart of Open Scholarship. However, much research remains closed, despite the obvious benefits of Open Publishing. NUI Galway is committed to increase Open Access to our research publications. Here are some highlights: 

  • We are negotiating Publishing deals with publishers that enable our NUI Galway authors to publish Gold Open Access without payments. An important example is the deal with Elsevier.
  • Our  policy Open Access to Research Outputs commits NUI Galway to Open Access and articulates expectations on our researchers. 
  • The ARAN (Access to Research at NUI Galway) repository enables Green Open Access. The Library also negotiates Open Access deals with publishers so our researchers can publish Gold Open Access with no cost to the author. 
  • If you have any questions regarding Open Access get in touch with us by emailing