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  • “Infrastructure” refers to the sets of services, protocols, standards and software that the academic ecosystem needs in order to perform its functions throughout the research lifecycle – from the earliest phases of research, collaboration and experimentation through data collection and storage, data organization, data analysis and computation, authorship, submission, review and annotation, copyediting, publishing, archiving, citation, discovery and more.
  • Open infrastructure is the narrower sets of services, protocols, standards and software that can empower communities to collectively build the systems and infrastructures that deliver new improved collective benefits without restrictions, and for a healthy global interrelated infrastructure system. 

Source: Invest in Open Infrastructure

Pillar at University of Galway

The Library provides ARAN, an Open Publishing platform which is a key tool in enabling Green Open Access. We also offer platforms for online exhibitions and digital archiving and preservation and can help you with persistent identifiers for online resources.