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Develop your digital literacy skills with any of our self-paced learning resources below. Here, you’ll find information on everything from getting organised for study success to using a 3D printer.


Tutorial Description Level
Drone Flying & Safety Basics An introduction to safely and legally flying a drone in Ireland. Beginner
Intro to 3D Printing An introduction to 3D printing in the Library. Beginner
Using EndNote How to use EndNote to manage your references. Beginner
Getting Started with your Studies What's expected of you, campus information, using your email and Blackboard. Beginner
Getting Organised Skills for study, life and work. How to set and achieve study goals. Beginner
Communication Skills Skills for communicating online, in teams and when giving presentations. Beginner
IT and Digital Skills Develop your IT and digital skills to serve you better as a student. Beginner
Reading and Research Skills Hone your research and note taking strategies and learn about research ethics. Beginner
Critical Thinking Learn about and develop your critical thinking skills. Beginner
Mathematics and Statistics An introduction to maths and stats to help your research. Beginner
Assignments and Exams Learn about different types of assignments and exams, and how to prepare for them. Beginner
All Aboard A national project that aims to empower learners and teachers to support their work, their study, or other aspects of living in a digital age. Beginner