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Are you a member of the NUI Galway community in a teaching role?

The Library has created a great deal of support for students particularly in the areas of study and research skills. For first year students, we have created a short guide called First Year In: FYI which focuses on our Academic Skills Service and the very basics of the role of the Library in their third-level work. For students in later years of their undergraduate degree or undertaking taught post-graduate study and who are undertaking more independent research work using library resources, we have developed Library and Research Success.

You are encouraged to embed any of the material here in your reading list or in Blackboard. You can link directly to either of the above resources, or to individual chapters, sections, or pages as needed. We encourage you to build assessments around the content such as with MCQs or short reflective assignments.

Not sure how, or looking for further ideas on how to embed these resources in your teaching? Get in touch: