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The purpose of research data management is to maximise the academic value of research data by ensuring that such data is managed according to good practices for collection, curation, storage, management, retrieval, re-use, sharing, archiving, and access, appropriate for the data and discipline concerned, and thereby to ensure compliance with the requirements of funding agencies and other stakeholders.

The aim of the Research Data Management Policy at NUI Galway is to advise NUI Galway staff engaged in Research on their responsibilities with regard to data collected/stored as part of a research project which NUI Galway staff/students are engaged in, and the supports that are available for same, and to ensure that research data is managed in line with Data Protection Regulations. The policy covers all research related data generated, collected and processed by NUI Galway staff as part of a project, which is led or contributed to by NUI Galway staff/students.

For further information, guidance and support please consult the Library Guide on Research Data Management. It includes information about Data Management Plans,  typical data-related activities undertaken in the research data lifecycle as well as how to find and cite data.

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