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DOI Service

The Library offers a DOI service which provides for the registration and use of persistent interoperable identifiers called DOIs. The use of DOIs ensures that your publications and other research outputs are accurately attributed and easily tracked for bibliometrics. On receipt of a request for a DOI the Library creates or ‘mints’ a DOI using the EZID service at can  be created individually on an ad-hoc basis for any digital resource available online or integrated into other campus services provided centrally or by researchers.

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Trish Finnan
Digital Publishing and Data Management Librarian
Telephone: 00 353 91 495961

What is a DOI service?

What is a DOI?

Why use a DOI?

How does the Library provide a DOI service?

Who regulates DOIs?

How do DOIs work?

What Information is required to create a DOI?

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