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General information about our Thesis collection

The Library holds a copy of most theses completed in NUI Galway (after 1997) and University College Galway (the University's title before 1997).

  • Theses are held in bound hardcopy, online, or online-only format.
  • Bound hardcopy theses may not be borrowed and can only be read in the Library.
  • Online and open access theses can be viewed from any location. NUI Galway's online content copyright terms and conditions apply, see Copyright statement for the NUI Galway Web site.
  • Online-only taught theses can only be accessed by Staff or Students of NUI Galway.
  • Note that some researchers have requested that their theses are not made available for consultation immediately or, in rarer cases, at all. The catalogue record will usually indicate if this is the case.

Research Theses (Mostly PhD Theses)

  • After 2011 can be accessed online using the Library catalogue or using the University’s institutional repository, ARAN at
  • 1990-2011 are held in hardcopy and may be requested and read in the library
  • Before 1990 held in the Special Collections stores and may be requestsed at the desk in the Archives & Special Collections Reading Room.

Taught Theses

Theses are either held by the Library in bound hardcopy (before Jan 2014) or online (after Jan 2014).

Note: Not all taught courses are required to submit theses to the Library for publishing. Submission is on an opt-in basis.

Search Theses

After 1990

Most theses are recorded on the Library Catalogue. You can search using the following basic search option:

  • In the 'Search' box, enter 'galway theses' and add the name of, or part of the name of, the discipline, course, or keyword, eg 'history' (for example 'galway theses history')Thesis Search
  • This example retrieves theses completed within the discipline of History
  • Results may be refined by selecting options on the left hand side of the screen

Before 1990

Theses have records on the Library catalogue, but some are recorded only in a card catalogue which is located in the Library basement. Please ask Library staff at the Contact Us for assistance with any queries.

Search for online Taught Course Theses only

  • In the 'Search' box, enter 'taught theses' and add the name of the course, or part of, eg 'management' (for example 'taught theses management')
    Taught Thesis Search Example
  • This example retrieves taught theses completed within courses which have the term 'management' in the course name
  • Results may be refined by selecting options on the left hand side of the screen

Contact us

If you have any queries please contact us at

Queries relating to the submission of taught course theses should, in the first instance, be addressed to the academic programme director or supervisor.

Marie Boran

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Special Collections Librarian
Tel: +353 91492543

Margo Donohue

Donohue, Margo

Research and Learning / Acquisitions Assistant
Tel: +353 91 493476