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Irish Regional and Provincial Newspapers

  • The Library holds the current year's printed copies of almost all Connacht newspapers. Back runs of some of these titles are available on microfilm. Please check the Library Catalogue by title
  • The archives of some Irish regional newspapers are available on the Irish Newspaper Archives database, accessible via the Library Catalogue. You can also view a tutorial on how to use the Irish Newspaper Archive
  • Most provincial newspapers have websites containing partial or complete copy of their current editions
  • A list of newspapers published in Ireland is available from the Press Council of Ireland

Irish National Newspapers

  • Copies of most Irish daily newspapers are held for one week in the Newspaper Browsing area
  • The Irish Times can be accessed via the Library Catalogue 
  • The Irish Times Archive is available for searching on the Library Catalogue and also on microfilm at 072.915, which needs to be requested.
  • The Irish Independent and the Freeman's Journal can be searched on the Irish Newspaper Archive via the Library Catalogue
  • The complete run of the Irish Press Newspaper (1931-1995) is available on microfilm and on the Irish Newspaper Archive via the Library Catalogue
  • Some Irish titles are also available on our online databases Nexis Newspapers & Business and UK and Eire Reference Centre, both available via the Library catalogue

International Newspapers

Newspapers in Microform

  • The Library has a significant newspaper collection in microform, some located in the microform area on the ground floor, and some which are held in store and need to be requested.
  • Among the collections are Irish political and radical newspapers in the twentieth century and Irish politics and society through the press
  • Details of titles within these collections can be viewed by searching under the collection name on the Library Catalogue

Other Newspaper Collections