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 The European Documentation Centre is available to staff and students of NUI Galway and all members of the general public interested in European Affairs. European documentation material can be consulted during Library opening hours.

The Library receives selected publications of the European Union and its constituent bodies.

The  collection is located on the podium floor of the Library within the compact shelving and is accessible during Library opening times. 

European Documentation Centre material may not be borrowed. 


The European Documentation Centre has been situated in the James Hardiman Library since 1973.  The Centre contains information about the following topics:

  • European law
  • European economic integration, monetary union, internal market and competition
  • European political integration
  • European social policy
  • European regional policy, environmental and transport policy
  • European Statistics

Members of the public are welcome to use the Centre.


Typically the Centre receives a selection of publications from the following institutions of the European Union. Many of these publications can also be found online.

The EDC is divided into two collections:

EDC Books:

This collection consists of the one off reports and assoicated publications produced by the European Commission and other European agencies. The various treaties in draft and finished form will be located here as many of the important European reports over the years on policy initiatives to do with the EEC and the European Union.

Search for EDC books using the Library Catalogue by typing in simple keywords:

europe  unemployment


europe human rights

The location of these books will be clearly displayed as European Documentation Centre Books.

EDC Serials:

EDCS consists of series, journals and magazines produced by the European agencies. Many of the leading annual reports and publications will be located here such as the: 

  • General Report on Activities of the European Union
  • Industrial Relations in Europe
  • Eurostat Yearbook
  • Magazines and newsletters aimed at informing the public about ongoing activities of the European Union

We also hold the Official Journal (L&C) from 1955-2007. Please note that from July 2013, the electronic copy of the OJ is now held to be the legally binding version.

Researching the European Union

All our books and journals are catalogued and can be searched for and located via the Library Catalogue. Where possible we also provide the online link to the resource. In addition below are some useful links for beginning European Research.

  • Europa Website - this is the umbrella website for the European Union. While this is a vast site, this introductory page provides plenty of helpful links explaining the history, assorted insitutitions and major policy areas of the European Union
  • Eur-Lex - This is the new interface of law portal of the European Union. It contains access to the:
    • Official Journal
    • Caselaw
    • Com and Sec Documents
    • Treaties
  • EU Bookshop  - The EU Bookshop is an online bookshop, library and archive of publications dating back to 1952. It contains 100,000 titles of reports and series produced by the Commission and the many EU related agencies
  • ECLAS  - The Catalogue of the European Commission Libraries is a very useful source for all European topics.
  • CORDIS - information on EU scientific and technological research and development
  • SCADPLUS - Summaries of EU Legislation.
  • European Sources Online  -This subscription database is a very useful place to begin research on European related topics
  • European Commission Representation in Ireland
  • Business Source Complete  This full text database contains many journals which deal with broad European economic and social issues
  • Nexis - this newspaper database is a great source for articles and news from the leading Irish, UK and world newspapers that deal with EU political, social and legal issues.




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