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This service enables registered staff and students of NUI Galway to place online requests for print books, journals and other material located in the James Hardiman Library and Shannon College Library via the Library Catalogue

What material is available for selection?

Only loanable books are available for borrowing. Non-loanable material such as Theses, Print Journals, maps, etc. can be requested by emailing and will be available for use in the Archives and Special Collections Reading Room.

The Medical Library collection which was located in the Clinical Science Institute has now been transferred to the main Library, these items can be requested and collected in the James Hardiman Library. 

Who can avail of this service?

All registered students and staff of NUI Galway and external members with borrowing rights.

When can I pick up books?

Material requested is usually available by lunchtime of the day after you place the request.  However, delays can occur.  It is strongly recommended that you do not travel to the library, unless you have received an email confirming that your request is available. 

Please note that material requested must be collected within 4 working days of notification that the material is available for you.  After that time, the material will be returned to the shelves and made available to other users.

Main and Medical Library:
Books can be collected Monday - Friday from 9:00 - 17:00.
Please do not to come to campus until you have received a notification that the book is ready for collection

The collection point is at the Stewards' Desk at the entrance of the James Hardiman Library.  Note that this is the collection point for Medical Library books also.

Shannon College Library:
Shannon College Library books will be available for collection Monday - Thursday, 9:30 -13:30 from the office door of the library.

Non-loanable material such as print journals or theses will be available for use within the Archives and Special Collections Reading Room when the Library is open. You will be provided with an appointed time slot to visit the Reading Room and use material requested.  You can also avail of journal articles through our scan & deliver service

Where do I pick up my reserved books?

Books from the colletions of the Main Library and Medical Library will be available for collection at the Stewards' Desk, at the entrance of the James Hardiman Library.

Shannon College Library books will be available for collection from the office door of the library.

If you require non-loanable material, you will be given an appointment to use the material in the Archives and Special Collections Reading Room, or should submit a request through the Scan & Deliver service.

Do I need my ID to collect my requests?

Yes, you must bring your NUI Galway student or staff ID card with you.

Can someone else pick up my requests?

Yes, you can nominate someone else to collect your books. To facilitate this, you must email in advance with the name of your nominee. Nominees must present their own ID at the time of collection.

Can I request Journals?

Yes, print journals may be requested by emailing, however journals and other non-loanable material may not be borrowed.  They must be accessed in the Archives and Special Collections Reading Room.  You will be given a specific time to access the material.

How many items can I borrow?

Number of Books

Undergraduate (Full-time, Part-time, Distance)


Postgrad Research


Postgrad Taught




Assistive Technology Service users


How can I return material to the Library?

During the COVID-19 pandemic library material should be returned to the 'Book Return' box just outside the Library entrance. Material is removed from this box daily and put into quarantine for three days.  Only after they have been quarantined will the books be removed from your account.  No fines will accrue during those three days.

At Shannon College Library books can be returned to the box outside Ms. Imelda O’Connell’s office in the atrium.

What if I no longer need the material requested?

We would be very grateful if requests that are no longer needed could be cancelled.  You can do this by clicking on My Requests on the Library Catalogue.  If you have already received an email to say the book is available, please email if you no longer need it.

 How to Request a Book

  1. Log in to your Library account.

  2. Check the number of loans already listed on your library account. If you have maximised your loan limit you will need to return some items. There is a returns box located outside the Main Library entrance for James Hardiman Library materials and Shannon College Library books can be left in the Rec Room.

  3. Browse the online catalogue and place a request on the book(s) you require.

  4. In some instances, the book you require may be on loan. In these instances, the borrower will be contacted and requested to return the item. You will be informed when the book is available.
  5. You will not be able to request material that is non-loanable on the catalogue, e.g. theses, journals etc..  To request this material, please note the details of the item you need and email those details to  You will receive a reply when the material is available for you and an allocated timeslot when you can use that material within the Archives and Special Collections Reading Room. You will not be able to take non-loanable material away from the library.

  6. To facilitate patrons’ ability to borrow items, we are increasing the number of holds you can place on books. This  number correlates to your borrowing rights.

  7. Once the requested book has been retrieved, you will receive an email indicating it is ready for collection. At this  point the book will be issued on your account.  Please don't come to the Library until you receive an email confirming that the book is available to you.

  8. Books will be held for four working days. Uncollected books will be returned to their locations within the Library after this period, so that they are available for other users.

  9. Normal borrowing limits will apply. Books must be returned once loan limits and loan periods have been reached. If these limits are not adhered to users’ borrowing permissions may be suspended.