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Books are useful to find information on a topic, to put a topic in context with other important issues, to find historical information, and/or to find summaries of research to support an argument. An edited book features articles or other material on the same subject but by different authors collected together in one book by an editor.

The library provides access to a large volume of books in various formats for a diverse range of subjects.

If there are no copies of the book(s) available, suggest the Library buys the book, submit an Inter Library Loans request, or search Google Books.

Please note that while the Library endeavours to provide access to all recommended reading material, students are expected to purchase core textbooks.


The library makes many books available as e-books, either through large thematic collections such as Early English Books Online or as individual books. We try to make all high demand textbooks (e.g. books that appear on reading lists) available as e-books, if possible.

Watch some short video tutorials on How do I use an e-book?

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