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Handling Archival Material

Incorrect document handling is one of the greatest causes of damage to archival material. Your care in handling documents will help ensure their preservation for future researchers. Handling documents correctly is largely common sense, with an awareness of what you are doing to a document. Some things to remember are:

  • Never lean on a bound volume or document. Use the equipment provided such as book-rests and beanbag restraints.
  • Always return material in the same order in which you received it. Material is ordered for ease of access for researchers, and reflects the order given it in the descriptive list.
  • If you have any questions in relation to handling a document be sure and ask staff for advice. They are more than happy to answer any queries you may have.

Reproduction of archival material

Archival material is subject to the Copyright and Related Rights Act and researchers must comply with regulations laid down in the Act. Copies of material are made available for private research only.

When citing material in publications please ensure the source is referenced correctly, so that other researchers will be aware of how to access the material.

Only the Archivist can copy material. Copying may not be allowed if there is a risk of damage to the item, or for any reason deemed appropriate by the Archivist. The rates are 20 cent per page and €25 per item for a photographic image. Digital cameras and scanning are allowed only by prior arrangement.

Permission for public use

Researchers must seek written permission from the Archivist when an item is copied with a view to making it available to the public, eg through publication, broadcasting or electronic transmission. Contact the Archivist beforehand for an informal discussion if required.

You must identify the source as the James Hardiman Library archives and include the reference number of the item.


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