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"Archives are cultural treasure -- they are precious, they are tactile, they carry mystery, their discovery can be an exciting event. For a university, archives are also the bedrock of research, and a service to the whole community: through their responsible management of archives, libraries like the James Hardiman Library become custodians of our heritage."

Prof. Sean Ryder, Moore Institute

The Archives collections of the James Hardiman Library comprise over 350 collections, ranging in size from one postcard to 300 boxes of material, and dating from 1485 to the present.

In recent times, we have begun work to digitise some of our collections, so as to broaden access to these valuable resources.

Due to the delicate and valuable nature of the material held within the Archives collection, strict conditions apply to their Conditions of Access and Handling Archival Material, which must be respected by all visitors to the Archives service.

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