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Information on the AWC Conferenes and Seminars

The AWC holds seminars and symposia  on various aspects of Academic Writing. 

Past events include the following

1. Writing and Well-Being, the Second Annual AWC Symposium, 5-6 April 2019.

The event, co-organised by Dr Ira Ruppo and the AWC incoming Fulbright scholar, Dr Georganne Nordstrom (University of Hawi'i at Mānoa),  included presentations by speakers from Ireland, the UK, Germany, and the US.  Further information about the event is available here

2. Academic Writing and Innovation, the First Annual AWC Symposium, 14-15 April 2018. 

The event featured presentations by speakers from Ireland and the US.

3. Supporting Diversity in Academic Writing: An AWC/ CELT Workshop with Staff of the Writing Centre in the University of Hawai'i  at Mānoa, 29 January 2019

This workshop, co-organised with CELT and  facilitated by Dr Georganne Nordstrom (University of Hawi'i at Mānoa) was funded by the NUIG Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Project. It included interactive presentations from 8 writing tutors from the University of Hawi'i at Mānoa

 4. The Academic Writing Centre: Student Performance, Retention, and Employability, 25 January 2018

 This two-hour event was opened by Professor Pól Ó Dochartaigh (Registrar and Deputy President)  and featured speakers form across the NUIG.