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QA817 - Library Laptop Loan Scheme

1.0  Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to describe the Library’s laptop loan scheme policy and describe user responsibilities as well as fines and replacement costs. 

2.0 Description of the service

The library have 24 laptops available for students to borrow. For the moment laptops are loaned from the Library & IT Service Desk in the foyer of the main library.
Laptops may be borrowed for two different periods depending on which laptop you select:

  • Up to 24 hours
  • Up to 7 days

There is no charge to borrow a laptop; you just need your NUI Galway Student ID card. The laptop will be assigned to your Library account, just like borrowing a book. Fines will apply for late returned, lost, stolen or damaged laptops. Laptops should be wiped down before and after use with sanitizing wipes.

 2.1  Service Instructions as Provided to Users

  • Laptops may be borrowed for up to 24 hours or seven days from the LIT Desk using your NUI Galway Student ID Card.
  • Laptops are available from when the Library opens and must be returned to the LIT Desk by the applied loan period (24 hours or seven days).
  • Please wipe down laptops before and after use with sanitizing wipes.
  • You are responsible for the laptop during the loan period. Do not loan it to anyone else or leave it unattended at any time.
  • Please do not swop laptops with other students.

 Instructions for use

  • Connect to NUI Galway WIFI by selecting the globe icon at the login screen. Select the relevant WIFI network, you will be prompted for your credentials, your student number and password.
  • Login to laptop using student ID number e.g.
  • Alternatively if you do not have access to WIFI click the Guest option.
  • Remember to SAVE your work remotely or use a USB stick as any files or folders cannot be retrieved after the laptop loan period expires.
  • PLEASE NOTE you are responsible for all equipment and accessories until returned and acknowledged by the LIT Service Desk during Service Desk opening hours.

3.0  Terms and Conditions 

Laptops may be loaned for 24 hours or 7 days. The laptops may be taken from the Library but must be returned within the allocated borrowing time. If a user does not return the laptop on time they will be charged an hourly fee of €1 per hours or part thereof for late return of laptop.

The laptop will remain on their library account until the laptop is returned. The following charges apply and will accrue on an individual borrower’s library account until cleared and the item is returned or replaced.

Hourly fee for late return of laptop: €1 per hour or part thereof. The user may also be blocked for ALL borrowing.

4.0  Damaged/non-returned laptop      

If a user does not return the laptop they will be charged a replacement fee of €700. If a user damages the laptop they may be charged for the cost of repairs or replacement of the laptop (max €700). Damage to, or loss of either the power supply and/or laptop bag will incur a cost of €20.

5.0 Responsibilities

Policy owner: Emma Goode

Download a copy of this policy: QA817 Library Laptop Loan Scheme