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SCONUL Access is a reciprocal access scheme granting borrowing privileges to library users of higher education libraries in Ireland and the UK. Each member library chooses which types of user to accept under the scheme.

Band A: staff (both academic and support staff) and research students

Band B: part time undergraduates and postgraduates, distance learning and placement

Band C: full time taught postgraduates

Band R*: reference access to full-time undergraduates and some other users not covered by the banding agreement

* Note that full time undergraduates do not have borrowing privileges.

NUI Galway offers borrowing to all three bands, but some other libraries in Ireland offer only one or two bands. Go to the SCONUL Access website for details of more than 150 participating libraries and check which types of user are accepted by individual member libraries. You should note the opening hours of libraries and any other local conditions.

The following Irish universities are members of the scheme:

How to Apply

To request access to another library in the scheme:

  • Visit SCONUL Access and complete the online application process
  • You must use your email address on the application
  • Your application will be forwarded for approval from the James Hardiman Library, NUI Galway
  • Once approved you will receive a confirmation email
  • You must retain this email as you will be asked to produce this email at the library you are visiting

Please note: The scheme does not provide automatic rights to access computer facilities, including access to electronic journals and databases.

For more information on the scheme, go to the SCONUL Accesswebsite.

SCONUL Borrowing Rights

Band A

Academic Staff

Support Staff

Postgraduate Researchers

6 books for 4 weeks
Band B

Part time Undergraduates

Part time Postgraduates

Distance learning students

Placement Students

2 books for 2 weeks
Band C Full time Taught Postgraduates 4 books for 2 weeks
Band R* Full time Undergraduates No Borrowing

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Library and IT Service Desk, Library

Tel: +353 91493399