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The Library's policies inform the students and staff of the University what they can expect from Library services and collections.  They inform our decision making in terms of building the collection and how we offer our services.  Please use the links below or on the left to get information on specific Library policies, including our Customer Charter.

QA801 Library Code of Conduct
QA802 Collections Strategy
QA803 Customer Charter
QA804 Donations Policy
QA805 E-Resources Usage Policy
QA806 Employment Opportunities 
QA807 Exhibiting at the Library
QA808 Library Complaints Procedure
QA810 Noise and Mobile Phone Policy
QA811 Policy on children
QA814 Study Break Policy
QA815 Long Term Print Journal Archive Policy
QA816 Collection Management Policy
QA817 Library Customer Charter
QA817 Cairt Custaimeiri Leabharlann Sheamais Ui Argadain
QA818 Donation Form
QA819 Archives Acquisition and Evaluation Policy
QA820 Hardiman Research Building Exhibition Proposal Form

All P&Ps in use accross the University are available through the P&P Repository