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Borrowing Books

When borrowing books you should use the Self Issue machines. There are machines on all floors of the Library. You must always have your ID card with you to use the machines.  There are easy to follow instructions on the screen, please ensure you leave the book on the machine for a few seconds while the loan is added to your account.  On occasion you may be shown a red screen telling you that the book needs to be re-done, please repeat the actions for borrowing the book.

If you are unable to perform a loan using the self-issue machine please check your account to ensure that none of the following apply -

  • You have a fine that you need to pay using Printcredit
  • You have overdue books that must be returned
  • You have your full quota of books already

If none of the above apply then there maybe an issue with the book so bring it to the staff at the Library & IT Service Desk to resolve the issue.

How many books can I borrow?

The number of standard loan books that can be borrowed depends on the category of borrower. A standard loan book is one that does not have a 1 Day or 3 Day loan sticker on the spine of the book. 

The loan period also varies according to the type of borrower:

Undergraduate (Fulltime, Part-time, Distance) 6 7  9
Postgraduate (Taught, LLB) 10   28  5
Postgraduate (Research) 10  84   5
Staff   20 84  5
EU Borrower (External user having paid for borrowing rights)  2    14  5
Assistive Technology Service users  14   9
Summer School students  5
SCONUL Band A  28   
SCONUL Band B  14   
SCONUL Band C  14   


Do all items have the same borrowing rules?

The borrowing rules that apply can very and some itmes have restricted borrowing:

  • One Day loan
  • Three Day loan
  • DVD’s AV – Two Day loan
  • Library Use only – cannot be loaned
  • Thesis – 3 hour loan – consulted in the library only
  • High Demand Machine – 3 hour loan – consulted in the library only
  • Journals can be consulted in the library only
  • Newspapers, Microfilm, Microfiche – consulted in the library only.


Charges for Fines

The Library charges fines for the late return of books:

  • 50 cent (50c) per day for books from the main Library
  • Two euro (€2) per day for three day loan books
  • Two euro per (€2) day for DVDs, videos and audiotapes
  • Four euro (€4) per day or part thereof for one day loan books 

You will not be able to borrow if you have fines totalling five euro (€5) or more on your account.

Paying your Fines

Fines are paid through your Print Credit Account

To pay your library fines:

  1. Login to your print credit account at
  2. Select the ‘Library Fines’ link on the left hand side menu
  3. Select the fines to pay
  4. Click 'Pay Now'
  5. The amount will be deducted from your print credit and the fines marked as paid on your library account.

Online access to results: If online access to your results was blocked due to an unpaid fine which you have now paid, it will be up to 48 hours before you can access your results after payment of the fine. This 48 hours excludes weekends.

Full instructions are available on this document - online payment of fines.

Final Year Students

Before the end of their degree or course final year students must:

  • Check their library accounts
  • Return all books and other materials
  • Pay any outstanding fines.

Failure to comply with this policy will result in online access to your exam results being blocked. 

Library and IT Service Desk, Library

Tel: +353 91493399