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The Library provides training on a variety of topics - all designed to help you gain the skills of finding, evaluating and using information more efficiently.

Training is often provided as an embedded part of your academic programme.  If you have the chance to attend such a session, please make sure to as it will be specifically geared to the needs of your subject area and your assignments.

Training is also available in group sessions, one-to-one or as online tutorials accessible from on or off campus. 

  • Have a look at our list of upcoming training events to see if there's a session that meets your needs
  • See our How do I? guides for quick answers to your most frequently asked questions
  • You can also  request training on a particular topic or resource for yourself, your students or a group of classmates 

Getting to know the Library

You can also download and listen to a walking audio tour of the Library here.

Embedding Information Literacy in the Curriculum

The Library is committed to ensuring that all our students gain the lifelong skills of Information Literacy.  We believe that these skills are best delivered within the context of the student's academic programme of study.  Academic staff wishing to find out more, please see our Guide to Integrating Information Literacy into the Curriculumor our short guide to Embedding Information Literacy into the Curriculum.  Contact the Academic Skills Team if you would like to discuss embedding information skills provision into your academic programme or module.


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