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Reading Lists

The Library is offering  a new reading list support service that integrates:

  • Reading Lists
  • Blackboard
  • Library resources
  • Library acquisition & chapter scanning 

Watch a short introduction to our Reading List Service.

Our Reading List Leaflet.  

Search our reading list service  for some list examples e.g. TLC 1OO Academic Skills. Training information and more detailed guides/videos are provided below.

 Using the Reading List Service

  1. Please contact and we will invite you to use the reading list service by email link.
  2. Follow the email instructions and create a user profile.
  3. Log into reading lists and install the bookmark button to your browser for adding books/journal articles/websites 
  4.  Create and structure the reading list and quickly bookmark resources.
  5. Publish the reading list. The Library will purchase the listed books and scan the required chapters/articles.

For further assistance please attend a training session and/or refer to our training guide and videos below.


Until the end of September we are running  regular training  and information sessions in the Library Training Rooms. These are aimed at lecturers or any teaching support/administrative staff involved in reading list provision. 

Check Times and Book a Place

If you are unable to attend these training sessions please contact

Reading List Support Materials

Our Reading List Guide‌ provides a detailed overview of using the system.

See our short videos below covering the main elements of using the reading list service. 

Please contact if you have any queries or require further assistance.

For information on the Library's Digitisation Service scanning limits please refer to our course guidelines for Course Material Digitisation.

Creating and Structuring a Reading List

Bookmarking a book and a journal article from the Library Catalogue

Installing the Add to My Bookmarks Button on Internet Explorer

Installing the Add to My Bookmarks Button on Chrome

Installing the Add to My Bookmarks Button on Firefox


 Linking from Blackboard to your Reading List


 Linking from Blackboard to a Reading List Section

 Instead of linking to a full list you can also link from Blackboard to sections of a reading list e.g. Week One Readings

Reading List Service, Reading Lists

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