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Researchers advance in their career through assessment and this is the key factor to ensure that Open Scholarship becomes mainstream. Funders and policy makers like the European Commission are reviewing the current mechanisms for recruitment, career progression and access to research funding grants and add mechanisms to reward researchers for adhering to Open Scholarship principles. This Pillar is closely linked with Responsible Metrics.

Pillar at University of Galway

Open Scholarship has a number of touch points with the University of  Galway Strategy 2020-2025. In particular the value Open NUI Galway emphasises the importance of Open Scholarship to the University.

Working on the strategic theme of Open NUI Galway will also include discussions on how the University of Galway researchers can be rewarded and incentivised by the institution to adhere to Open practices. We are looking forward to how the University of Galway will work on rewards & incentives for researchers adopting practices.