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Support for Academic Staff

Reading Lists

To ensure that we have sufficient copies in stock of the readings that you recommend to your students please  use our Reading Lists Service.

Embedding Information Literacy in the Curriculum

The Library is committed to ensuring that all our students gain the lifelong skills of Information Literacy.  We believe that these skills are best delivered within the context of the student's academic programme of study.  To find out more please see our guide to Integrating Information Literacy into the Curriculum   or our short guide to Embedding Information Literacy into the Curriculum .  

Inter-Library Loans

The Inter-Library Loans Service provides postgraduate research students, researchers and academic staff with access to information resources not held by our Library.  Undergraduates who wish to use the service must first contact the Academic Skills Team, who will help them identify whether Library-held resources can meet their needs.

Linking to Library Resources from Blackboard?

 If you are linking your students to library online resources from within Blackboard, it is important to ensure that those resources will be accessible from off-campus.  To do this please insert the following before the URL of the resource you are linking to:

For example, if you were linking to the journal Nature, whose URL is, you would provide a link to:

This will ensure that your students are prompted to login to NUI Galway and so be recognised as authorised NUI Galway users.

Ordering Books and Journals