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Research data management plans

A data management plan describes how you will collect, organise, manage, store, secure, back- up, preserve, and where applicable, share your research data. A data management plan should be created at the start of a research project so that good practices are established early. Good data management requires forward planning.

 Research data management planning
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Some of the benefits of research data management planning:

  • Issues and strategies are identified early in your research project
  • Compliance with institutional and funder policies and ethics approval requirements are documented
  • Data sharing and reuse opportunities of your research data
  • Research data remains useful and stored safely for future use

Checklist for a data management plan

The Digital Curation Centre (DCC) provides a checklist of questions to be considered when writing your data management plan. The questions relate to the following:

  • Data collection
  • Ethics and legal compliance
  • Storage and backup
  • Selection and preservation
  • Data sharing
  • Responsibilities and resources