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Data repositories

Data can be deposited in national data centre or discipline specific repository. Such repositories have the expertise and resources to deal with particular types of data. An institutional data repository is suitable for the preservation of data where no other repository is available. Such a facility is being developed by the James Hardiman Library.

Re3Data provides a searchable directory of research data repositories. Browse by subject to view discipline specific repositories.

Multi-disciplinary data repositories include as FigShare, Zenodo and Dryad.

Most data repositories are free to deposit and access. Some require registration and some make a charge for their service.

Citing data

Attribution and credit for research outputs also applies to research data. Data citation allows the impact of the data to be assessed. Data citation provides the information necessary to locate and access the research data, for reuse and verification.

A dataset citation should include:

  • Author
  • Publication date
  • Title
  • Edition &/or Version
  • Publisher
  • Resource type
  • Persistent Identifier - such as a DOI
  • Location – a persistent URL where the dataset may be accessed

See also guidelines provided by the Data Curation Centre

Data Citation Database

The Data Citation Index is a single point of access to quality research data from repositories across disciplines and around the world. You can access it  from the Library catalogue.