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What is Open Access Publishing?

Open access makes research outputs (eg articles, data) accessible free of charge online and without subscription barriers, sometimes after an agreed period has elapsed since initial publication. It complements and extends the established practices and rigorous selection of publications in peer reviewed journals and elsewhere, operating in parallel with conventional publication channels. The University has adopted a policy on Open Access to Research Outputs‌.

How Does Open Access Publishing Work?

There are two main routes: Green and Gold.

Green open access typically involves depositing the final manuscript version of your publication in a local repository such as ARAN at NUI Galway. Alternative approaches include deposit in a subject repository like PubMed Central or publication in any of more than 10,000 open access journal listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals.

Gold open access operates on the basis of paying an Article Processing Charge (APC) to the publisher of a subscription journal so that your article is made available without charge to the reader.

NUI Galway supports Green Open Access which involves no costs on your part.

Why Should My Research Outputs Be Open Access?

Advantages include higher levels of citation, easy discovery through global search engines such as Google and harvesting services like Rian, and long-term preservation of outputs. Wider exposure of your research enhances your reputation and broadens international recognition. Research funders generally require open access to funded publications to achieve maximum public impact, and have supported the National Principles for Open Access Policy Statement Ireland.

What Do I Need To Do and Who Can Help?

As noted, the Green route involves no costs to researchers and enables you to deposit the final manuscript version of your papers in the ARAN repository, where they will be published on open access and usage statistics will be readily available to you. The Library will work with you and will manage most of the process. Please contact Trish Finnan, Digital Publishing and Data Management Librarian, at or on extension 5961.