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AWC free group workshops take place in late October, November, March, and April. AWC tutors design group workshops on a variety of themes such as using secondary sources and avoiding plagiarism, using creative writing in academia, and essay structure. Workshops are generally designed for undergraduate students; they are advertised on the AWC Facebook page and our booking page.

Discipline-Specific Worksops

The AWC also provides discipline-specific workshops by agreement with individual departments. Free 10-20 minute presentations on the work of the AWC can be booked in early September.  Longer workshops can also be commissioned. Please email with any queries, suggestions, or requests.

PhD Writing Sessions

PhD students are invited to attend AWC Group Writing Sessions. Depending on demand, these take place from October until April. Group Writing Sessions allow participants to spend time working on their thesis while benefiting from the support of their peers and AWC tutors.  The sessions incorporate short writing exercises and writing tips. One-on-one support is given through the use of an interactive white board.