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Suggest New Book

We value your book suggestions. They help us develop our collection and fill in gaps that may arise in certain subject areas.

To suggest a book:

  • Please log on to the ServiceDesk
  • Create a ticket in your name
  • Use the Request Type menus as displayed below: 02. Library Services - Collection Development - Suggest New Material 
  • Use the Request Details box  underneath to provide bibliographic details of the book - title, author and ISBN 
  • Finally scroll down the page and click on the "Save and Email" button
  • The ticket will be updated and you will be notified as your suggestion is processed.

General Feedback

Your feedback, both good and bad, is important to help us provide the best service we can.

In the case of general feedback, please log on to ServiceDesk and choose:

02. Library Services - Other and enter your comments.