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QA804 Donations Policy

Download a copy of the QA804 Donations Policy.

In August 2019 it was announced that NUI Galway has secured funding under the Higher Education Strategic Infrastructural Fund to redevelop the James Hardiman Library.  In preparation for such a redevelopment, we have a considerable body of work in hand to reimagine library space and in particular to develop and implement strategies on the place of physical book collections within such a space.   

As part of this work, we will be reviewing our entire physical collection and therefore we will not be in a position to accept any offers of donations for an indefinite period.  We greatly appreciate the generosity of those who have donated collections to us and will welcome donations once again in the future.  We hope you understand if for the next while we direct all our energy and focus on ensuring we maximise the opportunity of the funding award to create a truly great space for our future students and researchers.

Please note that a separate policy - QA819 Archival Collections Acquisition Policy governs the donation of Archival material.  Please consult that policy if you wish to make a donation of archival material to the Library.

Hugo Kelly

Kelly, Hugo

Collection Development Librarian
Tel: +353 91493359

Niamh Walsh

Walsh, Niamh

Collection Development Librarian
Tel: +353 91492095


  • QA804 Donations Policy

    QA804 Donations Policy PDF (53 KB)